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Dear Valued Customers,

We at Perri’s Pizzeria would like to send our heartfelt thoughts to our community during this time of uncertainty as we all face the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team and the families in our community alike are facing concerns including but not limited to the loss of employment, financial worries, the loss of retirement and savings, educational disturbance, social distancing, child care challenges, and the foremost concern of the health and safety of ourselves and our families. We have taken many steps to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff. This will continue to be our focus. Below you will find additional measures we are taking at all locations for the protection of all.  

  • All employees working up front will wear gloves while performing functions associated with the front end order taking and order fulfilment processes. The gloves worn at the register will be completely segregated to the front of the house operation only, and changed regularly.
  • All employees working up front will be trained and supplied with sanitizer and disinfectant, and independent microban antimicrobial towels for use in regularly sanitizing all contact surfaces in the front take-out area.
  • Our delivery staff will wear gloves as they perform deliveries. These gloves will be changed in between each delivery.
  • We will request (not require) that all payments for take-out orders be made with credit card at the time of ordering. Prepayment is strongly encouraged.
  • We no longer require signatures on receipts at the time of pickup or delivery.
  • We offer Smart & Safer Take-Out option. Upon request we can call or text you letting you know when your order is ready for take-out. This allows you to walk in the store knowing your order is complete and immediately walk out with your order guaranteeing you will not have to wait inside, furthermore eliminating contact. Your receipt will be provided attached to an independent Smart & Safer Takeout Request instruction form.
  • We will request that all payments for deliveries and optional gratuities be made via credit or debit card at the time of ordering.
  • No Contact Delivery options. Please let us know where you would like the driver to place your order outside your door. A copy of your receipt will be provided attached to an independent Smart & Safer No Contact Delivery instruction form.
  • Our three corporate locations Gates, Spencerport and Penfield are completely cashless locations. These locations no longer accept cash or coin as a form of payment.
  • Per current regulations all locations dining rooms and seating areas are closed at this time. Additionally, our restrooms are not available for customer or public use.
  • Our customer accessible HUGE Slice spice up your slice area will be unavailable.
  • Employees that feel ill or sick for ANY reason will not report to work. Prior to returning all employees will be required to provide and submit an authorized physicians/doctor note giving permission to return to work.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding at this time. We will continue to keep you updated of any changes required or additionally implemented on our end. As we face the uncertainty at the moment. One thing we know for sure is that we are all in this together. We wish you good health and safety today and always.


perri's pizzeria

Smart & Safe Takeout or no contact delivery. 1 place your order call us for take-out or delivery 2 payment pay with a credit card while ordering. smart and safe take-out. 3 instruct our staff avoid waiting inside. let us know if you want a call or text when your order is ready for takeout 4 smart and safe take out our staff utilizes the following items blue nitrile gloves virucide disinfectant antimicrobial microban towel. these items are dedicated for use only in and around designated takeout counter and surrounding areas including but not limited to entry door, service counters, computer, phones, pop cooler handles, and door handles. no contact delivery 3 instruct driver let us know if you want the driver to place your food outside your door 4 no contact delivery our drivers wash their hands before and after every delivery. tip$ if you would like to tip, do so at the time of payment for no contact at the door.