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At Perri's our commitment has been the same from day one. Our signature formula consists of fresh daily made dough made at all of our area locations each and every day. Top that with old fashion cup and char style pepperoni, daily made pizza sauce, and 100% shredded mozzarella cheese. At Perri's all of our pizzas, calzones, and subs are baked in real Blodgett brick pizza ovens. Proudly our brick oven baking adds an unmatched level of authenticity to our continued commitment of quality using only the freshest premium ingredients. These values were consistent with our vision from the very beginning, and will continue to be our promise to you. 


HUGE brick oven baked slices are available from open to close at every one of our area locations! We have been serving HUGE slices from the vary beginning of our pizza time. In fact we were one of the areas first pizzerias to serve up the HUGE slice and make them available all day long! Our original slice options Cheese, Pepperoni, or Buffalo Chicken are available each and every day. Specialty slices options vary per location and time. Remember its ok to eat a whole slice by yourself, and there is nothing a slice of pizza can't fix! 


It all started in June of 2002 in a small kitchen located in Charlotte on Lake Avenue across from the Lake Ontario beach parking lot in Rochester New York's legendary Penny Arcade.  Perri's Founder Michael Perri 19 years old at the time rented the kitchen space from the operating bar known as the Penny Arcade. The Penny Arcade was among the most revered rock-music clubs in Rochester history.  We were extremely grateful to have our start in such a meaningful location with such deep rooted home town significance. While we loved our time at the  Penny Arcade (4785 Lake Avenue) we unfortunately quickly grew out of the kitchen and moved our original Lake Avenue location down the road to our own brick and mortar location next to Wilson Farms. This location 4410 Lake Avenue was previously occupied by Maria's Tortillas. During the growing pains at the Penny Arcade, Pizzeria founder Michael Perri would often visit Jesse the proprietor of Maria's Tortillas on the way home for Jesse's amazing authentic mexican cuisine, moreover conversation and friendship that had developed over the time.  Around February of 2003 Jesse had mentioned to Perri that he was looking to close his Lake avenue restaurant. Soon after a deal was struck and one that Perri will never forget and furthermore always be thankful for. In exchange for fulfilling the lease obligations Jesse of Maria's Tortillas gave Michael Perri the keys to what would be the new Lake Avenue location, furthermore Perri's very first independently leased location. Maria's Tortilla closed around March 2003, Perri remodeled the location at night and early mornings during the months of March & April while the location at the Penny Arcade was still in operation. The finishing touches were made Easter weekend in April 2003 to the new Lake Avenue location opened the following week.  Shortly thereafter Perri opened a second location in nearby Irondequoit NY at 1733 Norton Street by the corner of Goodman Street in the Mama Rosa's Plaza servicing Rochester and Irondequoit. We then spent several years perfecting the concept of being "The Original Huge Slice Pizzeria" by offering fresh huge slices available from open to close in addition to our call to order menu. In 2005 we underwent an extensive re-branding and now with 8 area locations there is much more history to document, moreover create! We look forward to updating & documenting both. None of which would be possible without our loyal and amazing friends & customer base, furthermore unmatched staff through the years each of which we consider part of our family.  

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